Ciena – Eleven Months


Eleven Month Highlights:

  • I think you’re between 21 and 22 pounds – I could also be totally making this up; haven’t had you officially weighed in months, but that’s what your Lola says you’re weighing these days. You’re wearing 12 month clothes for the most part, and still in size 4 Pampers.
  • You FINALLY got your first tooth! Hallelujah!!! Thought I’d never see the day haha – it made you a little irritable but EXTRA cuddly which I appreciated🙂 But it’s never easy seeing you with a fever, or less spunky than usual.
  • I always underestimate the size of food you can eat – you are literally eating adult-sized chunks of food now (all soft, of course!) Your appetite has evened out and is pretty normal now, and you really really love pasta, cheese, and Trader Joe’s fish sticks🙂 You’re doing 4 bottles of formula a day  now, and I’m going to transition you to whole milk within the next month (which is crazy to think about! But thank God because we all know how formula can quickly deplete your bank account : )
  • It is so sweet how you love to clap and get so happy when you do. You also love pointing to different things and having us tell you what they are. You also started actually throwing things (like, overhand) which is funny and different than your normal toss of anything/everything from your high chair.
  • You are on the move, girlfriend! Not walking yet, but I feel like you’re so close. You are so quick in your walker, and cruising along every piece of furniture. You are also climbing over EVERYTHING! Your scoot/smoosh is getting faster, since you never really wanted to actually crawl. It’s so funny because you drag your left leg, and so your left pant legs are always dirty from scooting – hey, free floor cleaning!😉
  • You love to dance, it is so sweet. Now you shake your butt and tap your foot and put one hand out and wave it around. The cutest!
  • We had a wonderful (seriously, amazing) family staycation to Monterey earlier this month. It couldn’t have been more perfect. We went to the aquarium, Carmel, the beach, did a surrey bike ride, and had lots of good food and you loved every second!
  • You are certainly chatty sometimes, and said your first official word this month – papa (LOL) Even when i ask you to say mama, you say papa. But I think you say mama as “baba” so it’s easy to confuse the two. You LOVE to say “pa” now when you see your papa, it is too cute. Still workin’ on getting you to  officially say mama; all in good time. You also love to say “woof” and are obsessed with dogs.
  • You are seriously so smart, connecting things like giving me your toys when i ask you (this baffled me and I’m shocked it wasn’t a fluke!) I totally get why people make fun of parents for thinking everything their child does is extraordinary – it’s easy to underestimate the intelligence and capabilities of your baby so when they do something, it’s like WOW OMG you’re a baby Einstein!!!

I cannot believe you’re turning ONE in a month!😦 I’m so excited for your birthday party (Dia de Cici!) and all the fun things coming up this month. For our anniversary, we’re taking you to where we got married for a steam train ride! And you’re getting your ears pierced and going to lots of pumpkin patches and going trick-or-treating, so fun! But please time slow down a little bit…just a little bit!

Ciena – Ten Months


Ten Month Highlights:

  • You weigh a little over 20 pounds, and at your 9 month check up you were 28″ tall, both around 75th percentile. You’re wearing some 9 month clothes and a lot of 12 month clothes and are still in size 4 diapers.
  • Still ZERO teeth hahaha. We really thought there was a moment this month, when they were for SURE coming. You were so cranky and drooly and spitting up, chewing everything (what else is new?), etc. etc. but damn, nothing yet again. Maybe the teeth are moving up to the surface but this is a slow slow process, girlfriend.
  • You’re still eating us out of house and home! I kid, I kid😉 You love food and have gotten a little more picky this month. You’ve had a taste for the good stuff, and sometimes you gag when I give you the veggies/healthy stuff you used to eat without a problem. Also, the amount of formula you take at each feeding can differ so much, so I’m done being frustrated wasting formula. I just take it all in stride – but for the most part, you take 20-24 oz. a day. You had your last breast milk this month and you’re taking formula like a champ.
  • You still love to wave, and have also mastered clapping this month, with some pointing. Speaking of pointing, one of your most recent hobbies is to pick your nose – or more so, just stick your finger in your nostril and just chill with it there haha. You’ve also mastered signing “more”, which is so gratifying! You excitedly sign more whenever you’re eating, especially your beloved Cheerios!
  • You decided you’re ready to crawl this month, but it’s more of a scoot, or what we lovingly refer to as the Cici smoosh! You sit, lean forward, and propel yourself forward with one foot, while the other leg stays in front of you. So cute! You can actually go pretty fast and turn up on the other side of the house in a flash. You also love pulling yourself up on the dining chairs and ottoman, and have started cruising. Also, when I walk you around anywhere now, you like to walk holding just one hand. You’re growing at the speed of light, baby girl!
  • You love to dance, bop up and down, and now move your neck back and forth when your favorite songs come on. As far as music goes, you LOVE Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, some country, pop, and especially Fireball by Pitbull (courtesy of your good friend Rowan haha)
  • You had your first Santa Cruz beach day this month, while I was in between jobs. It was such a fun and perfect day. But it was funny since you were so confused by the sound of the waves since that’s the sound your white noise machine makes when you go to sleep. You’re a fan of being “chased” by the waves, but not of sand in between your toes…yet😉
  • You still love to chat and shout emphatically, “Ba ba ba baaaaahhhh” to anyone and everything. No full intelligible words we can decipher just yet, as often as I try to teach you “mama”🙂
  • You are obsessed with dogs and babies and straight up tackled this 6 month old baby boy at my company picnic this month to give him kisses.
  • You are so stinkin’ friendly and social, it’s ridiculous. Literally, I have to ask you to tone it down sometimes because I think someone might try to steal you! Your favorite thing ever is to go to any crowded store, mall, park, (you especially love the grocery store), etc. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the grocery cart, stroller, or ergo, you literally will stop at nothing to get everyone’s attention by giggling, smiling, yelling, and just being ridiculously charming. I often don’t even realize what’s going on until a stranger is talking to you and commenting on how happy and friendly you are. This literally happens with 90% of the people we come across; I wish I was making this up! You love to see and be seen, and I have a feeling you’re going to have a lot of friends growing up, my sweet girl! It’s such a sight to see, and I hope you never lose that innocent happiness. But I will definitely be teaching you boundaries as you get older!

I can’t believe we’re in the double digits, my sweet baby. I started planning your first birthday party, and it’s exciting but naturally I’m so nostalgic and heartbroken, in the happiest way possible. I keep reminiscing about what I was doing this time last year – it was so hot and I was SO pregnant! But I see everything in the past with rose colored glasses, so all of my memories are beautiful🙂 I can’t wait to share my favorite season with you Cici girl! We’re going to have so much fun, just like we always do. I love you more than life itself and I’m so excited to see what these next 2 months bring to round out your first year!❤

Ciena – Nine Months



I should preface this by saying there will be no more monthly photos in her rocker. She fell off when I was trying to take this month’s pictures and I feel like the worst mom in the world :( 

Nine Month Highlights:

  • You weigh 19-20 pounds I think – we’ll know for sure at your check-up next week!
  • I kept forgetting to mention this in previous posts, but you still have ZERO teeth. If I had a dime for all those times within the last 6 months I thought for sure you were teething…
  • In terms of food, you are eating us out of house and home! But it makes me so happy to see how healthy you are and and how much you enjoy every food just like your mama🙂 There’s only been one food you didn’t like – it was a pre-made beef and vegetable mix, pretty random. We’ve been mushing up our regular food to give you too since you’ve quickly been able to take on more solid food. You don’t discriminate haha! You also LOVE to feed yourself, especially your little puffs and yogurt melts.
  • Also it was a huge milestone this month to finally get you to take formula. It was bittersweet for sure, but I’m so glad you can take formula-only bottles now. I still have a few bags of breast milk left and I’ll be bummed when they’re all done!
  • You suddenly became so so chatty overnight, it’s the sweetest thing ever! You love to enthusiastically say “ya ya ya yaaaa” or “da da da da” and you’re super into blowing raspberries and just blowing air through your lips and gums.
  • You’re still super into waving at anyone and anything, really. You love to wave hello, goodbye, to the dogs, to your toys, or to electrical sockets. I’m starting to say “bye bye” when you throw a toy so once in awhile you’ll look for something you’ve thrown and wave.
  • There may be some progress on the crawling front! You’re showing so much interest in leaning way forward and lifting your butt up, but you still get nervous and frustrated to actually take that leap of faith🙂 You love to pull yourself up and hold yourself up on chairs, dressers, etc. And you still get a kick out of us “walking” you around.
  • Out of nowhere, you were able to go from laying down to sitting during nap time the other day. I had to lower the crib ASAP because I was not expecting it so fast!
  • Sleep for you has been so so much better than last month. Which has made for a very happy and well-rested mama🙂
  • You’re super partial to your shape blocks – out of all the toys in your basket, you always reach for those and smack them together and gnaw on them to no end. You’re also fascinated by your new snack cup, which I never put snacks in, but you love nonetheless.
  • Another new thing for you this month is you started to “dance” – when you’re sitting, you just move your butt and bop up and down to music or just whenever, so cute. And when you’re standing I tell you to shake your booty and you bounce up and down haha. My little hammy!

You’re such a joy to be around, my love. Everyone you come across can’t help but smile and comment on how happy you are. You love people, food, music – all the good things in life! You’re so incredibly friendly and happy, we are so blessed to call you ours.

Mama & Cici


Happy Fourth, friends! A few weeks ago, I had the honor of being photographed by Bethany Mattioli, through a Mother’s Day Instagram contest I won through her page. I was determined to win so I may or may not have entered a dozen times😉

I’ve been a long-time fan of Bethany’s photography, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear the news that I won!


It’s crazy the things we have to plan and think of as new moms. In order to capture these with Bethany’s signature golden hour look, I had to seriously stretch Cici’s bed time and pray to God she didn’t scream or cry throughout the session. Lucky for us, she was a real peach despite being sleepy, and I got these amazing photos to treasure for the rest of our lives!


I can’t thank you enough for capturing me and my sweet girl at this amazing time, Bethany! I’ll cherish these photos forever❤

Ciena – Eight Months


Eight Month Highlights:

  • You weigh 18 pounds (still!) You haven’t been gaining that much because you’ve been much more active, and were also sick quite a bit this month.
  • Speaking of sick! This was a rough month for you, my sweet girl! You started off this month with a viral rash that we went to the doctor for, because I was afraid it could be chicken pox or hand foot and mouth disease. Doc said it was just a viral rash we had to let run its course (do they ever say anything different?) You were also sick with a cold and bad cough for a solid two weeks, some of which was during our family vacation in Hawaii. Each of these bouts brought on fevers which still scare the crap out of me. But you’re finally on the mend and I can’t wait for a chill, disease-free month!
  • I’ve transitioned you to two solid meals per day, typically breakfast and lunch. You have yet to turn down a food I let you try, and so far your favorites are avocado, zucchini, sweet potato, and some of the Sugar Plum Organics blends. There have been a couple you haven’t loved as much, but you pretty much scarf anything down🙂 You also still can’t get enough of water.
  • It seems like overnight your verbal repertoire just exploded and you can’t stop babbling now. It is the BEST thing ever! I love hearing you “wo wo ba rrr bb ka weh” all throughout the day.
  • You’re learning very quickly how to wave bye and clap your hands. Your clap is still very rudimentary, but you get the gist. You love to flap your arm up and down when we say hello or goodbye. You also are just starting to learn how to “kiss” and put your open mouth to my cheek when we ask for a kiss. Be still, my heart!
  • You went through a crazy bout of separation anxiety this month. You’ve always been a bit more on the clingy side, but for a couple weeks I couldn’t even put you down in front of me without your screaming. I love snuggling you, but I definitely want you to be able to play independently, as well.
  • Not much news on the crawling front…I still don’t see it happening! Not that I don’t believe in you, you just haven’t shown much interest. When I place you on your tummy now, you push yourself way up yoga-style for a few seconds, then lay your head to the side and suck your thumb and get cozy haha. You still love to have us walk you around on your toes; sometimes it’s the only way to put a smile on your face. I started baby-proofing just in case. I’m sure you’ll be mobile any month now!
  • Sleep has been cray. cray. this month girlfriend! Starting in Hawaii, you were OFF THE HOOK at bed time every night. I’m sure being in the same room/bed as us threw you off, but it wasn’t just you wanting to play. You legit screamed for hours when bedtime rolled around. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a meltdown or two. You were fighting naps for a few days and it was hard to put you down for bed, but now you’re back to sleeping through the night thank God!
  • Your first plane ride to Hawaii was pretty good! Especially considering we had layovers both ways, you did very well and slept most of the time. We had some awesome times in Hawaii, and a couple not-so-awesome times. Overall it was a good first big trip with you. If only you weren’t sick part of it! Looking forward to a weekend staycation with you and papa in September🙂
  • You love to throw things now, especially when you’re in your high chair. So we have to keep an eye on your sippy cup and toys, and especially food!
  • Lastly, my journey with breastfeeding is coming to a close. It’s been a long hard road (mostly in the last couple months), ending with a bang with my first bout of mastitis at the end of June. Needless to say, it’s so bittersweet. But I am ready to be done. I love love LOVE the closeness it brings us, and I know you’re not quite ready. But I promise to make the transition as slow and seamless and possible. I don’t want you to have to put up with a miserable mama, and I’m praying for the best.

I love you forever and ever my baby chuchi girl!!!!❤